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Saturday, 15 December 2012

List of Indian State Animals

List of Indian State Animals
List of Indian State Animals
India is the only country where animals are worshiped by the peoples. Find here list of all Indian State Animals with their scientific name.

  1. Andhra Pradesh (Animal: Blackbuck,Scientific Name: Antilope Cervicapra)
  2. Arunachal Pradesh (Animal: Gayal,Scientific Name: Bos Frontalis)
  3. Assam (Animal: One-horned Rhino,Scientific Name: Rhinoceros Unicornis)
  4. Bihar (Animal: Gaur,Scientific Name: Bos Gaurus)
  5. Chhattisgarh(Animal: Wild Buffalo,Scientific Name: B. Bubalis Arnee)
  6. Goa(Animal: Gaur,Scientific Name: Bos Gaurus)
  7. Gujarat(Animal: Asiatic Lion,Scientific Name: Panthera Leo Persica)
  8. Haryana (Animal: Blackbuck,Scientific Name: Antilope Cervicapra)
  9. Himachal Pradesh (Animal: Snow Leopard,Scientific Name: Panthera Uncia)
  10. Jammu And Kashmir (Animal: Kashmir Stag,Scientific Name: Cervus Elaphus Hanglu)
  11. Jharkhand (Animal: Indian Elephant,Scientific Name: Elephas Maximus Indicus)
  12. Karnataka (Animal: Indian Elephant,Scientific Name: Elephas Maximus Indicus)
  13. Kerala (Animal: Indian Elephant,Scientific Name: Elephas Maximus Indicus)
  14. Lakshadweep (Animal: Butterfly Fish,Scientific Name: Chaetodon Decussatus)
  15. Meghalaya (Animal: Clouded Leopard,Scientific Name: Neofelis Nebulosa)
  16. Madhya Pradesh (Animal: Barasingha,Scientific Name: Rucervus Duvaucelii)
  17. Maharashtra (Animal: Indian Giant Squirrel,Scientific Name: Ratufa Indica)
  18. Manipur (Animal:  Sangai,Scientific Name: Cervus Eldi Eldi)
  19. Mizoram (Animal: Hoolock Gibbon,Scientific Name: Hoolock Hoolock)
  20. Nagaland (Animal: Gaur     Bos,Scientific Name: Gaurus)
  21. Orissa (Animal: Sambar,Scientific Name: Rusa Unicolor)
  22. Pondicherry (Animal: Squirrel,Scientific Name: Sciuridae)
  23. Punjab (Animal: Blackbuck,Scientific Name: Antilope Cervicapra)
  24. Rajasthan (Animal: Chinkara,Scientific Name: Gazella Bennettii)
  25. Sikkim (Animal:  Red Panda,Scientific Name: Ailurus Fulgens)
  26. Tamil Nadu (Animal: Nilgiri Tahr,Scientific Name: Nilgiritragus Hylocrius)
  27. Tripura (Animal: Phayre'S Langur,Scientific Name: Trachypithecus Phayrei)
  28. Uttarakhand (Animal: Musk Deer,Scientific Name: Moschidae)
  29. Uttar Pradesh (Animal: Swamp Deer,Scientific Name: Rucervus Duvaucelii)
  30. West Bengal (Animal: Fishing Cat,Scientific Name: Prionailurus Viverrinus)

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