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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Top 20 Rock Bands In India

Top 20 Rock Bands In India
Top 20 Rock Bands In India
India is well known for its classical and folk music but in today's generation craze of rock bands is high, Find here list of top 20 rock bands in India who change the Indian music.
  1. Cactus (Kolkata)
  2. Avial (Kerala)
  3. Indian Ocean (Delhi)
  4. Mother Jane (Kerala)
  5. Parikrama (Delhi)
  6. Thermal and a Quarter (Bangalore)
  7. Scribe (Mumbai)
  8. Cassini's Division (Kolkata)
  9. Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)
  10. Limit Zero (Bangalore)
  11. Microtone (Hyderabad)
  12. Fossils (Kolkata)
  13. Indus Creed (Mumbai)
  14. Euphoria (Delhi)
  15. 13ad (Kerala)
  16. Junkyard Groove (Chennai)
  17. Zero (Mumbai)
  18. Gary Lawyer (Mumbai)
  19. Inner Sanctum (Bangalore) 
  20. Pentagram (Mumbai)
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