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Friday, 22 February 2013

List of Dams and Reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh

Dams and Reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh
Dams and Reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh (MP), is a state in central India. Its capital is Bhopal and the largest city is Indore. Find here list of dams and reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh.

1. Bansagar Dam
(Location: Shahdol District, Height: 67 m, Length: 1020 m, Impounds: Son River)

2. Bargi Dam
(Location: Jabalpur District, Height: 69.80 m, Length: 5357 m, Impounds: Narmada River)

3. Gandhi Sagar Dam
(Location: Mandsaur District, Height: 62.17 m, Length: 514 m, Impounds: Chambal River)

4. Indirasagar ("Highest Dam")
(Location: Khandwa, Height: 92 m, Length: 653 m, Impounds: Narmada River)

5. Madikheda Dam
(Location: Shivpuri District, Height: 6244 m, Length: 8976 m, Impounds: Sindh River)

6. Rajghat Dam
(Location: Ashok Nagar District, Height: 43.8 m, Length: 11200 m, Impounds: Betwa River)

7. Tawa Reservoir
(Location: Hoshangabad District, Height: 57.91 m, Length: 1,815 m, Impounds: Tawa River)

8. Tigra Dam
(Location: Gwalior District, Height: 24 m, Length: 1341 m, Impounds: sank river)

9. Barna Dam
(Location Bhopal, Height: 47.7 m, Length: 432 m)

10. Halali Dam
(Location: Raisen district, Volumn: 227 million m3)

11. Kolar Dam
(Location: Saoner, Height: 30.11 m, Length: 2,910 m, Impounds: Kolar river)

12. Kerwa Dam
(Location: Bhopal, Height: 34.25 m, Length: 5.30 km, Impounds: Narmada)

13. Omkareshwar Dam
(Impounds: narmada)

14. Omkareshwar project
(Location: Khargon District, Impounds: Narmada river)

15. Tippa Jhariya Dam

16. Harshi Dam

17. Bhadbhada Dam (BHOPAL)
(Location: Bhopal, Volumn: 117.05 million m³ )

18. Peshari Dam

19. Marwari Dam
(Location: Singraulli)

20. Govindgarh
(Location: Rewa, Elevation: 362 m)

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