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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

List of Top 20 Search Engines

List of Top 20 Search Engines
List of  Search Engines
A web search engine is software code that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Find here list of top 20 search engines mostly used by online users.

  1. Google: (Url:
  2. Bing: (Url:
  3. Yahoo! (Url:
  4. Ask: (Url:
  5. AOL: (Url:
  6. MyWebSearch (Url:
  7. Blekko (Url:
  8. HotBot: (Url:
  9. Lycos: (Url:
  10. Dogpile (Url:
  11. Webcrawler: (Url:
  12. Alta Vista: (Url:
  13. Overture: (Url:
  14. Excite: (Url:
  15. Bonzi: (Url:
  16. Netscape: (Url:
  17. Planet Search: (Url:
  18. SNAP: (Url:
  19. Infoseek: (
  20. ComFind: (Url:

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  1. Google and Bing from recent list of Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines growing its customer base because of their exercises in the obvious.They collecting all the date available to them to understand the basic need of the user and how to keep them. They also includes obvious sources and tasks which an user might overlook, such as analytics and sitemaps.


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