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Saturday, 4 May 2013

List of Famous Painters of India

Famous Painters of India
Famous Painters of India
India have produced several great painters who have influenced the world through their sensitivities and creative paintings. Find here list of top 20 Painters of India who proves the popularity of Indian painters across the world.

  1. M. F. Husain
  2. Raja Ravi Varma
  3. Jamini Roy
  4. Amrita Sher-Gil
  5. Tyeb Mehta
  6. Francis Newton Souza
  7. S. H. Raza
  8. Rabindranath Tagore
  9. Abanindranath Tagore
  10. Nandalal Bose
  11. Satish Gujral
  12. Anjolie Ela Menon
  13. Vasudeo S. Gaitonde
  14. Ram Kumar
  15. Ram Kinker Baij
  16. Benode Behari Mukherjee
  17. Jahar Dasgupta
  18. Devajyoti Ray
  19. Jatin Das
  20. B. G. Sharma

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