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Monday, 25 February 2013

Tips to Increase Height

Tips to Increase Height
Tips to Increase Height
Your Height is the main feature that improves your personality and make yourself noticed. Their are many people who have to face many problems due to their short height. So here are some tips to increase your height naturally.

1. When you wake up in the morning, you should do some stretches while you're still lying on the bed. Pull your arms up and stretch your legs downward. Performing this exercise every morning can help to lengthen your body fast.

2. Performing deep breathing exercise in the morning can add oxygen to your lung, and thus your blood stream. Your blood will carry the oxygen and growth hormone into everywhere of your body to facilitate the growing process.

3. Expose yourself to sun ray in the morning for vitamin D which is an essential nutrient for the body.

4. You can now begin your daily workout you have in mind. You may start with walking outside the house. Other effective exercises are jumping, kicking, stretching, jumping, kicking, cycling, hanging, and swimming.

5. One of the great tips to increase height is to massage specific points of your body in order to stimulate your growth hormone. Massage is a good way to relax your body and as a form of exercise.

6. Having proper sleeping posture is crucial so that you can lengthen your body and grow taller. Have your chin be in the upright position, retract your stomach and put your chest out. Can you feel you are taller now? Maintain at that position!

7. When you feel tired after working out, you need to rest and let your body recover its energy so that you could do other things. Take catnaps in between your chores.

8. At night, make sure you sleep tight with a full 8 hours. You should always straighten your spinal column by keeping your back flat.

9. Drink plenty of water to replenish lost body fluid. Do not let your body dehydrates.

10. Finally, avoid taking toxic stuffs into your body such as alcohol and nicotine. They can hinder your effort in growing taller fast.

11. Sleep Without a pillow (helps in straightening spine.

12. Massage the pads of your thumbs in clockwise and anti clockwise directions (promotes release of growth hormone.

13. Drink at least one glass of milk a day or take a calcium supplement (For bone growth and lengthening)

14. Perform one or more of these(as per your dedication and time constraints (cycling with high seat, skipping rope, jumping on the spot, running on the spot)

15. Try to hang from an exercise rod for 2-10 mins a day to counterbalance the effect of gravity on your spine.

16. Perform stretches. These are very important and you must do at least 20 mins a day of this eg a Cat stretch (but i'm not telling you any specific ones choice cause it depends on your flexibility and personal preference.

17. Before sleeping lightly massage the soles of your feet and the front of your neck (Improves blood flow thereby stimulating release of growth hormone)

18. Getting enough rest and good night sleep is another important aspect of increasing height. Sleep is essential for increasing your HGH as this is the peak time when your brain releases HGH and begins to use it within your body.

19. Stress inhibits your body’s ability to grow and heal as it pushes your body into releasing hormones that are not good. Manage stress by doing some activities like yoga, relaxation techniques, and meditation.

20. There are many products in market for increasing heights they all are not good but some of them may be useful for you so their is no harm to use them.

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