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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top 20 Museums in India

Top 20 Museums in India
Top 20 Museums in India
Museums are the best place to know art, culture and history of any state and country, that's why Museums are best visiting place of visitors and foreigners . Find here list of 20 Museums in India you must visit with their city name.

  1. Indian Museum (Kolkata)
  2. Bharat Kala Bhava (Varanasi)
  3. Prince of Wales Museum (Mumbai)
  4. H H Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum (Gwalior)
  5. State Museum Of Tripura (Tripura)
  6. Albert Hall (Jaipur)
  7. Hawa Mahal Museum (Jaipu)
  8. Nehru Memorial Museum (New Delhi)
  9. Central Museum (Bhopal)
  10. Tipu Sultan Museum (Mysore)
  11. Jaigarh Fort Museum (Rajasthani)
  12. Karnataka Government Museum (Karnataka)
  13. Stok Palace Museum (Leh)
  14. Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad)
  15. Maharaja Sawai Museum (Jaipur)
  16. National Archives Museum (New Delhi)
  17. National Museum (New Delhi)
  18. Thanjavur Art Gallery (Thanjavur)
  19. Himachal State Museum (Himachal Pradesh)
  20. Sri Pratap Singh Museum (Srinagar)

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